Executive Coaching

“ Leadership coaching delivers on average 7.9x ROI and significant intangible benefits to the business ” – Metrix Global.

Executive Coaching delivers one on one development and training with Senior Leaders and Executives dealing with leadership initiatives, business strategy and execution, culture, effective communication, managing or leading up, powerbase planning, career elevation or transitions, influencing others and preparing Senior Leaders for new roles and/ or expanded responsibilities.

Business and emotional intelligence strategies lead to enhanced leadership skills and abilities, resulting in increased opportunities and higher ROI as a result of accelerated business growth and development.

Executive Coaching in action

It’s time that we bring the human component back to leadership. Lead with Passion successfully provides one-on-one development and training with Senior Leaders and Executives to help them stand in their power and influence both across the organization and their teams. Learn how to face difficult responsibilities as an authority and be extremely confident in your voice within a group setting. Don’t get lost and become stressed out by your always growing responsibilities. Embrace them.

Experience different techniques on how to speak up, confronting the uncomfortable, being confident in your decisions, and most importantly, effectively developing new leaders within your team. Don’t just be an executive, be a powerhouse leader that influences and inspires! Implementing the right changes provides a higher ROI and accelerates business growth due to the results of your personal development and how you show up. Elevating your business and emotional intelligence successfully drives next-level leadership and results. Own the potential you are missing.

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James Hume

“The art of communication is the language of leadership”

— James Hume —

John F. Kennedy

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”

— John F. Kennedy —